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Welcome to The Global Prosperity Network
A multi-phase feeder network leading the way
Into the Epic Trading Academy.


Epic Trading Academy has already helped thousands of men and women earn hundreds and thousands of dollars per month faster and easier than they ever thought possible!

Everyone you know will be shocked and amazed by your rapid income increase and sudden windfall of cash. If you’re like most people I know you’re frustrated when it comes to finding an income system that actually works.

In fact, even if you’ve tried other opportunities in the past, you were more than likely disappointed with the results.

Well listen up!... You don’t have to be frustrated and disappointed when it comes to finding a proven way to make money anymore!


Because there’s a new, simpler and more powerful way to effortlessly boost your income — the World's #1 Money Making Plan... Epic Trading! That's Epic is the highest ranking and fastest growing home base business opportunity in the world today.

Epic is a 100% transparent next-generation income-boosting and wealth creation program that can make you bulletproof to debt, repos, foreclosures, loss wages, evictions, bad credit, economic downturns and scores of other financial burdens that many people are facing today.

Epic also eliminates the guesswork of making money consistently, creating reliable residual weekly income and doing it without pushing pills, powders, weight loss products, detox teas and other stuff on family and friends.

Use Epic to create financial independence, not financial co-dependence on people buying your pills, lotions and potions.

The Epic way helps you get rid of the critters creeping around in your head called fear, uncertainty and doubt that keeps you financially stuck, broke, underpaid, a slave to debt and even sick and tired from the financial pressures.

YES the rumors are TRUE! You can finally successfully shed your life of unwanted debt and bills while rapidly increasing your income every week and building your dream life ... once and for all like Selena Acktion Jackson who went from living paycheck to paycheck to earning $50,000 a month in residual income in just 6 months... (without any residual work!)

How can TheGlobalProsperityNetwork.org work for you? 

We work together as a team

We have developed a funnel system leading directly into Epic. By joining our network it becomes a lot easier to recruit others and build your team a lot quicker due to the fact that more people will be eager to join for $5.00 instead of $135.00. Lets face it, many people don't even have $135.00 to spend right now and this only makes it a lot easier. 

Simply invite your family, friends and other prospects to join our network for just $5.00, and we work tgether as a team to help them level their way up to $135.00 and beyond. Therefore creating multiple streams of income for a tiny 1 time out of pocket fee of just $5.00.

Our main goal for TheGlobalProsperityNetwork.org is to eliminate the hassle of trying to get people to join for a higher amount of money and making it easier for everyone involved.

TheGlobalProsperityNetwork.org's platform is aiming to be the more modern and efficient option for pooling and raising money among like minded individuals all around the world. Unlike common practices of sou sous, TheGlobalProsperityNetwork.org will work to help each member of our network receive more financial gain by expanding that pool all around the world. Below is an example of how our online money pooling system will benefit everyone who joins our network.



By joining our team, you are placed in our ultimate 3x3 forced matrix that goes 8 levels deep. That means you can refer just 3 people or an unlimited number of people. Every person you refer then begins to help your profits grow and grow and so on and so on. Since there are 8 levels to upgrade to, when your 1st level referrals start referring new members, those new members have to pay you to upgrade to the next level.

Below is an example of how our online program will benefit our sharing community.

Why join TheGlobalProsperityNetwork.Org?

  1. It only cost you a one-time, out-of-pocket gift of just $5.00
  2. You break even with just 1 referral.
  3. You never have to wait to receive gifts. Gifts are sent directly to you via Cashapp, Zelle, Google Pay and Paypal friends and family plan.
  4. You bring in just 3 people for a huge blessing.
  5. The website does all the tracking for you. (You don’t have to worry about who to send your gift to or when it’s your turn to start receiving gifts.)
  6. Cannot be stalled by non paying or inactive members.
  7. There are never any admin fees—ever!
  8. This is the only patform with an endless stream of donations coming with members all around the world.
  9. It's like owning franchises in different locations.

Phase 1) Invite all the people you can but at least 3

Phase 2) When your 3 people invite their 3 people = 3x3=9

Phase 3) When those 9 people invite 3 people = 9x3=27

Phase 4) When those 27 people invite 3 people = 27x3=81

When you join our sharing community, you will gift the person who invited you $5.00 to enter phase 1. Once your payment has been confirmed, you will then receive your own personal referral link which you will then share with your friends, family and social media followers, therefore opening up the flood gates to receiving donations from all around the world.

Your main goal is to invite at least 3, each gifting you $5.00 for a total of $15.00.

You will then re-gift $10.00 to upgrade to phase 2. In phase 2, 9 people will send you $10.00 each for a total of $90.00. Of that $90.00 you will re-gift $50.00 to join phase 3.

In phase 3, 27 people will send you $50.00 for a total of $1,350.00. From that $1,350.00 you will then re-gift $100.00 to join phase 4.

In phase 4, 81 people will gift you $100.00 for a total of $8,100.00. At this point you will have received $17,715.00. This is just the first 4 phases. There's 4 more to go. Just think of what can happen when you bring in more than 3! 

Phases 5-8 is a repeat of the first 4 phases except the gifts are larger and would require you to have a bitcoin wallet to avoid restrictions on your transactions.

For example: You will then regift $500.00 to upgrade to phase 5. In phase 5, 3 people will gift you $500.00 each for a total of $1,500.00. Phase 6 is a $1,000.00 phase, Phase 7 is a $2,000.00 phase and Phase 8 is a $5,000.00 phase.

If you want to take your money and withdraw from the community, that would be totally up to you, but there is more potential to receive more money in the next 4 phases. I repeat, Just think of what can happen when you bring in more than 2!


You gift…

# of people

Each Gift You

Total You Receive

You Keep
























5 $500.00 3 $500.00 $1,500.00 $500.00
6 $1,000.00 9 $1,000.00 $9,000.00 $7,000.00
7 $2,000.00 27 $2,000.00 $54,000.00 $49,000.00
8 $5,000.00 81 $5,000.00 $405,000.00 $405,000.0

Total Earnings to this point will be $469,860.00

Isn’t this great? Why wait? Make the right move and start receiving your gifts today by joining our growing community!

Our unique matrix system keeps working continuously to ensure all of our members are in position to profit month after month. With success and longevity planned in advance, TheGlobalProsperityNetwork.org is formulated to continue to grow and prosper over time.

So if money is tight for you and you want to join, but know you can't recruit, our team will take you by the hand and help change your life. If you are just looking for a few hundred dollars a week to pay off a few bills. You can do that. If changing your financial future is what you DESIRE, then I Strongly URGE you to join our team and become active. If you are COACHABLE and have a want or need for more money. We will coach you to $8,000.00 or more per month within 3-6 months. Some members have already earned that much and more, and we have documented proof. As a team we'll show you step by step what to do and how to do it. For just $5.00, you have nothing to lose.

I'm sure you've heard the saying
"Don't work harder, work smarter"
this is definitely smarter.

Stop and think about that for a second.

With so many people out there spreading the word, this system will continue to grow and multiply so fast, it’ll make your head spin. You'll want to position yourself in front of that wave.

Our marketing system is simple and allows you to plug immediately into a system that is 98% automated and thanks to the Internet, it works for you 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The fact that you are reading this page right now means our marketing system is working. You obviously responded to someone's invitation to view this site just like thousands of other people do on a daily basis.